Update: crisis in Kameroen

In deze onderstaande video legt Eva uit wat de huidige situatie is in Kameroen en wat dat betekent voor ons waterprojecten.
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Voor meer informatie over de situatie kun je onderstaande nieuwsberichten lezen.
We houden jullie op de hoogte. Als je vragen hebt, kun je contact met ons opnemen via kameroen@livebuild.org

Projects are temporarily on hold
Many people in the English part of Cameroon want to have independence from the Republic of Cameroon.They are tired of the long years of corruption and the discrimination. This situation has been going on since the sixties. But since two years the have been serious protest and is the unrest been escalating. The crisis is getting worse with the day with many acts of violence, injuries and deaths as a result. With the presidential elections on 7 October 2018 it is expected that the violence will even escalate more.
LiveBuild is also being faced with this difficult situation.Our project partners cannot travel to the projects anymore. The villages we work with/in are often abandoned, the inhabitants fled to the bush out of fear for the army. In consultation with our local partners, we have decided that we will put on hold all our projects for now. This is out of safety for our partners, the employees of the water company and the inhabitants of the villages.
Our project partners and project coordinator keep in touch close touch with the people that are involved with the projects. This way they and we can stay informed about the developments in the villages and about the projects. We hope we can start again as soon as the situations allows us to. Till then we will keep you updated.
If you have any questions, please contact us through kameroen@livebuild.org

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